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Najjar Steel Co

About the Company:

Established in 1981 as an extension to the Jordanian Tanks Fabrication Co., which was founded in 1962, Najjar Industrial has about 60 years of experience in steel fabrication and erection. With its experienced management, qualified engineering staff and seasoned work force, Najjar Industrial has ability to cater to progressive and complex industries. The Company has a solid track record of delivering state-of-art industrial building, highway bridges, hangars, storage tanks, silos, and overhead cranes.

Based in Jordan, Najjar Industrial has extended its reach to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen across various sector including power, energy, mining, chemicals, refineries, and defense.

As per the rules of the Ministry of Public Works of Jordan, Najjar Steel was classified as a first grade metal works and civil contracting company, and a second grade in electromechanical works.

Key Personnel

Mulham I. Najjar

General Manager
M.Sc in Civil Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece.
40 Years of Experience
00962 777220222

Ayham I. Najjar

Deputy Manager
M.Sc in Automation from Odessa Institute for Technology - Ukraine.
35 Years of Experience
00962 799603030

Motasem I. Najjar

Factory Manager
Academic Qualification: B.Sc in Business Administration from Western University - United Kingdom.
27 Years of Experience
00962 796175175

Walid Hasan

Engineering Consultant
Academic Qualification: PhD. in Structural Mechanics from Bologna
University - Italy.
19 Years of Experience
00962 777420425

Mahmoud Abu Alrubb

Project Manager
Academic Qualification: B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Aligrah muslim University—India
24 Years of Experience
00962 799076101

Awni Alsous

Project Manager
Academic Qualification: B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Temmessee State University - USA.
34 Years of Experience
00962 775151913

Heba Alqaisi

Senior planning and cost control engineer
Academic Qualification: M.Sc in project management from Israa University - Jordan.
12 Years of Experience
00962 799642575