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Established in 1981 as an extension to the Jordanian Tanks Fabrication Co., which was founded in 1962, Najjar Industrial has about 60 years of experience in steel fabrication and erection. With its experienced management, qualified engineering staff and seasoned work force, Najjar Industrial has ability to cater to progressive and complex industries…….

Subsidiary Company

Magma Engineering

Magma Engineering Industries Co., one of Najjar Group is one of the leading companies in in the field of steel casting in Jordan. It was created by Najjar Industrial Trading co. to take part in one of the essential sections of the Jordanian Industrial scene, and was equipped with a state of the art foundry following the latest advance in casting technology to fulfill its role as a top quality manufacturer MAGMA has a modern provenance in line with the latest technological developments in the field of casting industry, equipped
with the latest equipment and modern equipment to maintain the accuracy, and quality of products.

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Experienced Management, Qualified Engineering Staff and Seasoned Work Force


Years Of Experience In
steel fabrication and erection

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