Thanks to its advanced foundry, Magma’s capacity can reach 3000 Tons/year, and its products have a wide range of steel, and cast iron products.
This capacity was achieved by equipping Magma’s factory with the following:
– Automatic molding lines including units for preparing, drying, and classifying sands used in making sand, and Furan molds.
– Dedicated unit for centrifugal casting.
– Induction Furnaces with a capacity of 4 Tons/h.
– Computerized heat-treating furnaces, one electrical, and the other diesel run, complete with cooling, and hardening basins.
– Fettling machines which utilizes steel bearings to clean the casts, in addition to cutting, and grinding equipment.

Such equipment are used to manufacture different kinds of casts, including.
– Stainless steel casts.
–  Heat resistant steel casts.
– Wear resistant steel casts.
– All Kinds of Manganese steel casts.
–  Ductile cast iron casts.

With such a various collection of casts, Magma can offer its services to diverse sectors whether it be industrial, construction or services sectors, and offer wide ranging spare parts, and products, including:
-Spare parts for chemical, and petrochemical plants.
-Spare parts for the mining industry.
-Steel, and cast iron spare parts.
-Spare parts for cement company’s, and concrete plants.
-Spare parts for rail cars, and rail tracks.
-Spare parts for diggers, and heavy machinery.
-Track parts for engineering, and military vehicles.
-Specialized/custom made spare parts.